Over (and Over and Over) the Years

As I get older I’ve come to realize that each month, no matter what year, has a general feeling or theme. We are beginning another November; looking back on previous Novembers, I see a pattern: this month is always about big changes. Decembers are for over-extending ourselves. Januarys are always full of reflection; February brings depression… winter has been dragging on so long, & the reflective thoughts and conclusions in January are not always happy. March brings a buckling-down; a determined mindset. April is for optimism. May is a month of sadness and loss, a feeling of regret. June is a month-long attempt to normalize & recover. July is the month of family focus. August equals mania, exhaustion, obligation. September always equals spending money like water and a general feeling of license or lack of restraint. October is a month marred by disappointment, problems, and frustration… which brings us back to November. Turn, turn, turn…

To everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven. Although I’m not a spiritual person, this is one bible verse I’ve always loved… probably because it’s also a song from the ’60s.

Turn! Turn! Turn!


More Pinks & Purples

Top to bottom: morning glory, gaura, aster, zinnia, foxglove (digitalis), four o’clocks, butterfly bush (buddleia). All from my gardens, late summer/early autumn 2016.

Rose… Rising…

Taking this photo almost took me out… the rocks below aren’t the most stable thing to stand on when trying to hold still and snap a picture. I didn’t fall down, though, and I am not going to fall down on this blog. I need an outlet for my nature and home decor photography, & I need something that is just for me, even if I stumble a little along the way. I will rise up…


While I didn’t forget I started a blog, I did knowingly neglect my Journaling for a very long time. I’ve had continuing health issues & some family drama that left me wanting to keep quiet and think. I lost both of my grandparents within a 4 month span, my oldest son moved out in a dramatic fashion, & I’ve been spending all my time when I’m not working feeling awful, & visiting with various physicians to figure out why I spend so much time feeling awful.

We’ve still had birds visiting, & even a few family members have ventured up the hill. Mama deer has a new set of twins, & they stop by every day to steal our birdseed. I do try to get outside but we haven’t been for any walks in the woods & the hour I spent weeding the gardens yesterday knocked me flat for the rest of the day. I feel better today, but I often find myself afraid to do much in case I over exert myself. I’ll try to get back in the habit of keeping track of life, & maybe that will help ease my fears. I have so many beautiful pictures of flowers from the spring that I want to share!

Post le Premier

Hello! I created this blog to keep track of our life on Forest Hill, our lovely new estate – home – dream come true here in Fairmont, WV. I plan to write about the wildlife outside, the wild life inside (ha), gardening & nature when weather permits, some nerdy stuff and other things that we find amusing, & our home renovation and redecoration. This site is going to be mostly a diary for myself, but I want to share with family, friends, & others who might find these posts interesting. I will try to post a little about my boys, Michael & Zach, & my s.o. Les, so it won’t be all birds & blooms. We are all getting used to living here & living together, so “interesting” might be the best word for it!

To start with, I’d like to make note of the birds I saw outside yesterday & today. I’m just a beginner birder, so bear with me if it seems I’m not sure what I’m talking about when it comes to bird species. There are so many, it boggles my mind!

Yesterday, Monday, December 28th, I spent a lot of time watching the feeders. I saw the usual (for Forest Hill) chickadees (probably Black-Capped, I’m almost sure they’re not Carolina), & Tufted Titmice (birds have the strangest names). I was also very excited to see 2 White Breasted Nuthatches, one of whom I am sure was my mystery “guard bird” from Sunday: I saw him sit unmoving by one of the bell feeders for at least an hour. Yesterday I also saw several Mourning Doves, Robins (it isn’t springtime!), male & female Cardinals, & some unidentifiable sparrow-like brown birds. They did not look like the House Sparrows I’m used to seeing at my old place in town. I also saw a Hairy Woodpecker, a Red-bellied Woodpecker, & a Pileated Woodpecker! I saw a doe & her twin fawns on Sunday; this group is a frequent sight in our yard. The fawns came right up to the door! I didn’t have birdseed outside for them, but they were cleaning up seeds the birds had dropped from the bells. I had also put out apples; I think mama deer got the last of those. So much wildlife, & so close! It’s very exciting.

I haven’t been watching the feeders much today, I’ve mostly been doing laundry & snuggling with my microwaveable hot pad (it’s one of those days), but I did see the frequent visitors, chickadees and titmice, plus a very large male cardinal, right outside the kitchen window. I need to practice taking pictures of the birds outside; I haven’t gotten any really good ones yet.

Thanks for visiting & reading, & thanks to WordPress for providing me with an easy way to keep track of my days.